Client I The Wax Bar

Project name I First Wax Free

Impact I The Netherlands

Media I outdoor, buss promotions, Instagram, Facebook

Partners I 



Increase brand awareness of The Wax Bar, introduce a new audience (first-timers) to The Wax Bar with the promotion “First Wax Free”.


Brand awareness: buss advertising, outdoor (abri’s), social

Conversion: Facebook and Instagram



We created a campaign concept - #waxthoughts - as a basis for the on- and offline communication of the campaign First Wax Free. 


The concept is based on insights gained via research. Using this concept, we straighten up three misconceptions:

  • Waxing is painful

  • It’s embarrassing to be naked

  • You have to grow your hair for a long time


Concept is focussed on normalizing waxing by showing people’s thoughts during waxing.



  • An estimate of > 1.000.000 offline impressions 

  • > 175.000 online impressions 

  • Conversion to reservation: 2,75%



Project 9